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All About Eli Slocumb

Personal Profile

“The Eli Slocumb Band intends to cultivate the intensity of modern production with the combination the his favorite elements of music throughout history.”  


What makes the Eli Slocumb Band unique is the emphasis on innovation. Through the background of multiple different instrumental styles, Eli combines the instrumental complexity with modern songwriting and production to create a new sound. The role of the electric guitar is an important factor as it has fallen off as a prominent melodic and harmonic instrument in modern music.


The combinations of the tone of Classic and Hard Rock Guitar with modern production, this music intends to reach a new level of sonic intensity. Throughout Eli’s childhood, he got the opportunity to play with multiple Bluegrass/Jam Bands in Colorado. He was hired to go on a few national tours with the bands: Head for the Hills and the Mark Lavengood Band. These experiences allowed Eli to learn about the industry and the art of performing/touring. 


Staring at the Berklee College of Music in 2018, Eli has learned multiple skills about the music industry such as insider knowledge of the business of the industry, and a catalogue of multiple styles that have been and will influence the sound of the music. Eli’s next piece of work is scheduled to come out summer 2022 which will be accompanied with release shows throughout Boston and Colorado. This EP is intended to showcase the different styles that are to be presented throughout future works. 


Raised on playing Bluegrass, Country, and Acoustic Music, Eli learned that loving what you do is the most vital part of performing. In 4th grade, a Mandolin program introduced fast instrumental music to Eli. This has shaped his technical abilities showcased in this music while also influencing the tempo/intensity. In high school he joined the Jazz Band where he began learning to play the electric guitar. While Bluegrass gave Eli technical skills, Jazz started improving his theoretical knowledge. Once Eli first heard Stevie Ray Vaughan play the electric guitar, this started shaping his sound towards the direction he is now going. Through attending Berklee, Eli developed love of Hip-Hop, Trap, and other modern styles. This sparked his interest in learning modern production which will be showcased in this upcoming release. Through the combination of his guitar playing and production techniques he has learned, the sound of the Eli Slocumb Band has progressed to this new, unique sound. 

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